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If you hear a loud and commanding voice in your dream, you will increase your property and well-being.If you happen to hear a loud and commanding voice in your dreams, it might be a good idea not to ignore it. This dream is typically one that is telling you that taking care of your property and well-being will increase your life expectancy and prosperity.

A high-pitched or squeaky voice in a dream is a sign that you will spend money, you will experience loss.

A female voice in a dream often signifies that you should not trust your relatives, while a male voice might signify you should listen to your friends.

Many voices in your mind can be a sign that many people will want to earn your favor.

A dream with animal voices is a sign that your subconscious is trying to show you that you’ll soon fix other people’s misunderstandings. By turning a blind eye to someone’s feelings and not addressing their issues, they will continue to cause confusion and frustration.

A familiar voice in a dream is a sign that you will receive good advice, but if you don’t recognize the person talking to you in your dream it will signal that difficulties await at work.

If you are lost in a dream and your voice is missing, you will be challenged mightily to find it again.

If a mother hears her child’s voice in a dream, she should be prepared for periods of doubt, poverty or fears to become reality shortly after.

An unintelligible voice in a dream is a sign of losses.

While the voice of a goose in a dream is often seen as an indication that the speaker is being listened to, or perhaps they are saying something that doesn’t make sense.

The voice of a rooster in a dream often signifies that someone has got news for you and it’s time to wake up and pay attention.

That said, from birds generally signify news or notifications and can also be used to warn about important matters.

If you dream of hearing voices coming from nowhere and don’t know where they are coming from, it may be important to consult the advice of your friends.


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