Protection, Defender, Defence

Protection, Defender, Defence

In your dreams, if you envision someone protecting you, unfortunately, the reality may be quite the opposite. Instead of receiving their support and care, they may disregard or embarrass you. Similarly, defending someone in your dream could lead to hearing hurtful words and facing unjust accusations directed towards you.

Dream analysis often reveals interesting insights about our subconscious thoughts and desires. In the realm of dreams, defending something or someone can bring tangible benefits into your waking life. It signifies a strong sense of loyalty and determination, indicating that you will receive favourable outcomes as a result.On the other hand, seeking protection in a dream suggests that you may rely on uncertain sources or fragile friendships in your everyday life. This awareness encourages you to reflect upon the stability and authenticity of those around you.Furthermore, protecting someone in a dream signifies acts of generosity and care towards someone close to you, whether they are a loved one or relative. The dream indicates that your benevolent actions will be appreciated and acknowledged with heartfelt gratitude.


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